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Haley aka colebaltblue joining LCSS lineup

We're very excited to get to have Haley, also known as colebaltblue on the world wide web, speaking at the Left Coast Symposium!

Well-acquainted with fanfiction and fandom before BBC Sherlock arrived on the scene, Haley watched the first season and immediately went looking for fellow fans and their stories online.  While Sherlock was her gateway into the incredibly wide and varied world of Holmes, it was because of a fanfic that she realized she was missing all the best parts of the story by not understanding the source material. She has been attempting to catch up on 170+ years of Holmes ever since.  She is one of the founders and moderators of Holmestice, the twice-yearly pan-Holmesian fanworks exchange that celebrates all iterations of Holmes. She has her MA in Humanities and works in the software industry.

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