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Left Coast At Home

Good morning, folks! Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, our organizing team has made the difficult but necessary decision to take this year's Left Coast Sherlockian Symposium online as a one-day donation-powered event.

Our intention with this is to ensure the safety of our participants and attendees. Although some counties in Oregon are currently entering Stage 1 of reopening, your organizers are not entirely certain what the autumn will bring. In this case, "better safe than sorry" is our attitude. By taking our Symposium online, we will be able to guarantee travel and crowds are not an issue, we will be able to invite more of our Sherlockian friends to participate, and we can lower the costs for everyone involved!

Register for the Online Symposium Now

We look forward to talks from West Coast Sherlockians and friends: Leslie S. Klinger, Bonnie MacBird, Mina Hoffman, Rob Nunn, and Angela Misri.

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