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Robert Perret to speak at Left Coast Sherlockian Symposium

We're very glad to be welcoming Robert Perret to the LCSS lineup.

Robert Perret is a writer, librarian, and Sherlock Holmes fan living on the Palouse in north Idaho. His scholarly credits include "Is Sherlockian Scholarship Scholarly?" and "Irene by Any Other Name" for The Watsonian, "A Study in Scholarship: The Case of the Baker Street Journal" for Proceedings of the Pondicherry Lodge and a chapter on the character Flaxman Low for the monograph Victorian Detectives in Contemporary Culture: Beyond Sherlock Holmes. He also writes fiction and his short stories have appeared in anthologies from Bellanger Books, MX Press, Mocha Memoirs Press, and 18th Wall, among others. He is a member of the John H. Watson Society ("Sampson") and Doyle's Rotary Coffin. More information can be found at

Perret's talk on "Is Sherlockian Scholarship Scholarly?" tackles the question of amateur scholarship, tongue-in-cheek research, and the foundation of fandom as we know it today.

Join us in October 2019 for this and many more interesting discussions!

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