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Apply to Speak

We welcome your application to speak at the Left Coast Sherlockian Symposium! The format of the Symposium is a series of lectures, talks, or collaborative discussions with or without audience participation as desired by the speakers. Please be specific about your topic, even if you don't have all the details figured out yet. You may collaborate with another person or several people to deliver your talk or presentation. We will not be providing panel topics for you to discuss; the theme or subject of the talk is up to you. Think outside the box!

We welcome speakers who are not experienced Sherlockian lecture-givers, and who have unique perspectives to offer. We encourage applications from women and non-binary people, Sherlockians of color, queer and trans Sherlockians, and other members of traditionally underestimated communities.

Additionally, non-traditional formats are encouraged, including guided conversation, prose poetry, physical demonstrations, and personal explorations. This doesn't have to be an academic lecture, although it certainly could be. We know Sherlockians are a creative bunch and we love unusual presentations.

Speaker Application

Thank you for applying to be a speaker! We will get back to you in the spring.

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