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Vendors are invited to participate in the Left Coast Sherlockian Symposium as attendees, as well as being permitted to sell wares to attendees during the symposium. Please read on for terms & sign up as a vendor below.

  1. Vendor will follow all municipal, state, and federal laws regarding sales and sales tax.

  2. Vendor agrees to keep their table open during all hours of the event.  No early departures.

  3. Vendor will arrive and set up at the official time or they will not be allowed to participate in the event.

  4. Any damage to the building by a vendor is the sole responsibility of the vendor.

  5. Sound system set ups by vendors will not be permitted.

  6. No smoking or outside alcohol is permitted in the area at any time.

  7. Vendor understands payment policy and agrees to pay the fees as listed. No tables are guaranteed until payment is received.

  8. Subletting is not allowed without the consent of the Promoter. Vendor will not move their table or neighboring tables and do not place anything in front or beside of tables.

  9. Adult materials for sale must not be in full view of attendees and must be labeled appropriately.

  10. Vendor accepts full responsibility for any damages to their own table or merchandise for any reason. Promoter is not responsible for any loss.

  11. Vendor will not be given any refunds and cannot roll-over tables.

  12. Vendor will not sell any unlicensed or bootleg material. Promoter has right to eject Vendor from event without refund

  13. Vendor will receive a maximum of 1 badge per table, unless otherwise approved by the Promoter. Additional badges may be purchased separately.

  14. Vendor understands that tables are not guaranteed without full payment.

  15. Vendor will not leave trash or garbage in their area after departure. If this happens, the vendor will not be permitted to attend future events.

  16. Vendor will not act inappropriately at the event and will adhere to the attendee rules & regulations.

  17. Promoter has the right to revoke or refuse any registration form and to remove any Vendor from the event at any time.

  18. Vendor must remain in the specified area as placed by the Promoter. Removal and moving of assigned table is not permitted.

  19. Promoter has complete power over the event and all rules and regulations.

If you agree to these guidelines, please click the button below to become a vendor.

​If You Have Any Additional Questions or Concerns, Please Contact:

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