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Elizabeth aka sanguinity speaking at Left Coast Symposium

We are looking forward to welcoming Elizabeth (aka sanguinity) to the Left Coast Sherlockian Symposium this October!

Elizabeth has been a Holmes fan for seven years and has spent most of that time rejoicing in the great, chaotic mess that is Holmesiana: the myriad visions of the Great Detective, from dignified to bonkers; the cross-talk, homages and throw-downs between adaptations; and the serious questions sometimes posed about race, class, gender, and nationality. She moderates Holmestice, a twice-annual gift exchange for all versions of Sherlock Holmes and his (her! their!) associates, administrates the More!Holmes collection on AO3 (a collection for rarer Holmesian fandoms), and has vidded a hundred-year retrospective of Sherlock Holmes on screen. She has a BA in Mathematics and an MS in Systems Science, and entirely too many opinions about Moriarty and his mathematical interests. She is a long-time resident of Portland OR.

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